Les mus es imaginaires de la bande dessin e

Titre : Les mus es imaginaires de la bande dessin e
Auteur : Thierry Groensteen
Éditeur : Editions de l'An 2
ISBN-13 : 2848560177
Libération : 2004

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Cet ouvrage se situe dans le prolongement de la grande exposition pluri-annuelle des " Musées imaginaires de la bande dessinée " présentée au Centre national de la bande dessinée et de l'image, à Angoulême, depuis janvier 2003. Il comprend six essais qui explorent certains des thèmes de prédilection de la bande dessinée, décrivent son écartèlement entre une production de masse et des créations expérimentales à la diffusion souvent confidentielle, interrogent enfin son rapport à la catégorie du Beau et à la couleur. Cette réflexion sur la poétique du neuvième art est illustrée par un large choix d'œuvres provenant des collections du Musée de la bande dessinée. Elle s'accompagne en outre d'un questionnement sur les muséographies qu'autorisent ou appellent ces objets à l'identité complexe et incertaine que sont les planches originales. François Ayroles, Etienne Lécroart et Fabrice Neaud participent au débat en imaginant, par le dessin, de facétieuses visites de l'exposition.

The Book of Three

Titre : The Book of Three
Auteur : Lloyd Alexander
Éditeur : Usborne Publishing Ltd
ISBN-13 : 9781409590798
Libération : 2014-11-01

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Taran is desperate for adventure. Being a lowly Assistant Pig-Keeper just isn't exciting. That is, until the magical pig, Hen Wen, disappears and Taran embarks on a death-defying quest to save her from the evil Horned King. His perilous adventures bring Taran many new friends: an irritable dwarf, an impulsive bard, a strange hairy beast and the hot-headed Princess Eilonwy. Together, they face many dangers, from the deathless Cauldron-Born warriors, dragons, witches and the terrifying Horned King himself. Taran learns much about his identity, but the mysterious Book of Three is yet to reveal his true destiny. "Lloyd Alexander is the true High King of fantasy." - Garth Nix

Black Hearts in Battersea

Titre : Black Hearts in Battersea
Auteur : Joan Aiken
Éditeur : Random House
ISBN-13 : 9781409014904
Libération : 2012-12-31

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"Simon paid off the driver and turned to follow Mrs Twite. But she seemed to have locked the door behind her and, as he rattled the latch unavailingly and then rapped the locker, something dark and suffocating was forced down over his head and a pair of hands gripped his throat." Simon, coming to London to study painting with his old friend Dr Field, finds he has vanished without trace. Determined to discover what lies behind his disappearance, Simon is trapped in a fiendish plot. Why has his landlord got guns in his cellar and how does one deal with his irrepressible daughter, Dido . . .?

S O S Meteors

Titre : S O S Meteors
Auteur : Edgar-Pierre Jacobs
Éditeur : Cinebook Limited
ISBN-13 : 190546097X
Libération : 2009

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When Professor Philip Mortimer goes to France to assist in solving drastic changes in the weather, he vanishes while investigating the disappearance of his taxi driver, and Captain Francis Blake of MI5 must solve the case before disaster strikes.

My Dear Wilkinson

Titre : My Dear Wilkinson
Auteur : Turk
Éditeur : 9th Cinebook
ISBN-13 : 1905460066
Libération : 2006-11-02

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Follows the adventures of Sir Harold Wilberforce Clifton, an ex-agent of the Secret Service who has become an amateur detective.

The Book of Schuiten

Titre : The Book of Schuiten
Auteur : François Schuiten
Éditeur : Nbm Publishing Company
ISBN-13 : 1561634026
Libération : 2004

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Besides the gorgeous work he does on the Cities of the Fantastic series, Schuiten also has amassed a body of work in theater and opera set design, posters and full scale recreations which is impressive. This handsome art book presents an awesome array of these never-before-seen pieces in large size along with an interview of the artist conducted by Peeters. A handsome addition to anyone's library that shows off the talent involved in comic art!


Titre : Here
Auteur : Richard McGuire
Éditeur : Penguin UK
ISBN-13 : 9780241203729
Libération : 2015-01-29

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This is Richard McGuire's unique interactive ebook version of his groundbreaking graphic novel Here. Richard McGuire's groundbreaking comic strip Here was published under Art Spiegelman's editorship at RAW in 1989. Built in six pages of interlocking panels, dated by year, it collapsed time and space to tell the story of the corner of a room - and its inhabitants - between the years 500,957,406,073 BC and 2033 AD. The strip remains one of the most influential and widely discussed contributions to the medium, and it has now been developed, expanded and reimagined by the artist into this full-length, full-colour graphic novel - a must for any fan of the genre. 'From now on, McGuire will be known as the author of the novel Here, because it's a work of literature and art unlike any seen or read before. A book like this comes along once a decade, if not a century' Chris Ware, Guardian 'Promises to leapfrog immediately to the front ranks of the graphic-novel genre' New York Times Richard McGuire is a regular contributor to the New Yorker magazine. He has written and illustrated both children's books and experimental comics. His work has appeared in The New York Times, McSweeney's, Le Monde and Libération. He has written and directed two omnibus feature films, designed and manufactured his own line of toys, and is also the founder and bass player of the band Liquid Liquid.

Rails on the Prairie

Titre : Rails on the Prairie
Auteur : Rene Goscinny
Éditeur : 9th Cinebook
ISBN-13 : 1849181047
Libération : 2012-01-05

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When Lucky Luke stops an act of sabotage on the Transcontinental Railroad, he is put in charge of security for the entire westward push and has his work cut out for him.

The Yellow M

Titre : The Yellow M
Auteur : Edgar P. Jacobs
Éditeur : 9th Cinebook
ISBN-13 : 190546021X
Libération : 2007

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The |Yellow Mark| is a criminal that has London enthralled in his exploits: holding up the Bank of England, robbing the imperial crown and many more. The Home Office asks Captain Francis Blake to discover the identity of the man who hides behind the Yellow Mark. Blake immediately calls upon his old friend, Professor Philip Mortimer, to help him unmask this mysterious criminal.

On the Run

Titre : On the Run
Auteur : Nina Bawden
Éditeur : Faber & Faber
ISBN-13 : 0571246478
Libération : 2008-10

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Ben, eleven years old and the youngest of the Mallory children, has left his aunt and siblings to come to London where his widower father wishes to introduce him to his young future step-mother.Unable to return home when his brother and sister become ill, Ben is left on his own to explore the maze of walled gardens which surround his new home. Soon he meets Thomas, the son of an exiled East African Prime Minister, and Lil, a fatherless cockney waif.All three children, troubled and contending with the dislocation of their new lives, become entwined in each others_ journeys of self-discovery and adventure.In Nina Bawden_s much-praised second novel for young readers, the lessons and pains of childhood are evinced with characteristic deftness, combining sympathy, affection and timeless wit.