Inside AutoCAD Map 2000

Titre : Inside AutoCAD Map 2000
Auteur : Dylan Vance
Éditeur : Cengage Learning
ISBN-13 : 1566901936
Libération : 2000

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This how-to and reference book introduces beginning through intermediate users seeking a standard for map creation and maintenance in a CAD environment to use of AutoCAD Map, Release 3. In-depth discussion of the software's features and functions are featured in this comprehensive handbook. In addition, numerous examples, exercises and tutorials are included. The CD-ROM contains data files in support of the exercises.

Principles and Applications of GSM

Titre : Principles and Applications of GSM
Auteur : Vijay Kumar Garg
Éditeur : Prentice Hall
ISBN-13 : 0139491244
Libération : 1999

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The first complete guide to designing GSM wireless systems! GSM and its derivatives have become the world's #1 wireless technology, enabling users to roam across most of Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, East Asia, and even much of the U.S. -- all with one number and one bill. Principles & Applications of GSM is the first complete technical guide to this remarkable technology. Best-selling wireless experts Vijay K. Garg and J.E. Wilkes begin by introducing basic principles that apply to any wireless technology. Next, they present GSM in depth, covering everything you need to know to design and implement a GSM system, including: GSM architecture. Radio link operations: APC, DTX, SFH, channel borrowing, and smart antennae. Logical channel structure and framing. Speech coding and Linear-Prediction based Analysis-by-Synthesis (LPAS). Physical, data link, and network layers. Message flows among mobile stations, base stations, MSCs, HLRs and VLRs. Garg and Wilkes systematically address planning and sizing GSM wireless systems, managing GSM networks via TMN, and working with SS7 -- key issues often ignored in GSM texts. You'll find detailed coverage of modulation, along with valuable Matlab source files on diskette. The book's practical traffic engineering coverage is supplemented by powerful WErlangB Windows software for analyzing loads and blocking. There are detailed chapters on implementing wireless data and low-mobility adjuncts in a GSM network. You'll also learn how GSM achieves security via cryptographic algorithms, SIM cards and authentication. The authors present differences between GSM and other TDMA-based wireless technologies and close with a preview ofnext-generation wireless systems made possible by the UMT-2000 standards effort. Whether you're a wireless communications engineer, faculty member or student, you won't find a more thorough, insightful guide to GSM wireless technology.

Handbook of Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Titre : Handbook of Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Auteur : Michael C. Pirrung
Éditeur : Academic Press
ISBN-13 : 9780128095041
Libération : 2016-08-30

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Handbook of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Second Edition updates and expands the author’s popular 2007 work, Synthetic Organic Chemist’s Companion. This new handbook provides valuable, practical guidance; incorporates corrections, and includes coverage on important topics, such as lyophylization, crystallization, precipitation, HPLC detectors, gases, and microwave reactions. The book maintains the useful organization of the author’s earlier work, beginning with a basic overview and walking through every practical step of the process of organic synthesis, from reagents, solvents, and temperature control, to documentation, implementation, purification, and analytical methods for the product. From planning and setting up reactions, to recording them, the book provides insight and valuable guidance into every step of the process. Practical guidance for planning, working up, documenting, analyzing, and improving reactions in synthetic organic chemistry

Marketing Analytics

Titre : Marketing Analytics
Auteur : Wayne L. Winston
Éditeur : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN-13 : 9781118417300
Libération : 2014-01-08

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Helping tech-savvy marketers and data analysts solve real-world business problems with Excel Using data-driven business analytics to understand customers and improve results is a great idea in theory, but in today's busy offices, marketers and analysts need simple, low-cost ways to process and make the most of all that data. This expert book offers the perfect solution. Written by data analysis expert Wayne L. Winston, this practical resource shows you how to tap a simple and cost-effective tool, Microsoft Excel, to solve specific business problems using powerful analytic techniques—and achieve optimum results. Practical exercises in each chapter help you apply and reinforce techniques as you learn. Shows you how to perform sophisticated business analyses using the cost-effective and widely available Microsoft Excel instead of expensive, proprietary analytical tools Reveals how to target and retain profitable customers and avoid high-risk customers Helps you forecast sales and improve response rates for marketing campaigns Explores how to optimize price points for products and services, optimize store layouts, and improve online advertising Covers social media, viral marketing, and how to exploit both effectively Improve your marketing results with Microsoft Excel and the invaluable techniques and ideas in Marketing Analytics: Data-Driven Techniques with Microsoft Excel.

The Rotation Diet Cookbook

Titre : The Rotation Diet Cookbook
Auteur : Jill Carter
Éditeur : Element Books Limited
ISBN-13 : 1852309652
Libération : 1997

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Food allergies have always been linked to a broad range of conditions, from migraines and eczema to colitis and cancer. This new book makes the task of identifying the offending food easy, even enjoyable. Its unique four-day diet plan includes a wide range of recipes for delicious and attractive dishes, plus reassuring and sympathetic advice including helpful alternative remedies. Line illustrations.

King of Capital

Titre : King of Capital
Auteur : David Carey
Éditeur : Crown Business
ISBN-13 : 9780307453013
Libération : 2010-10-05

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Strippers and Flippers . . . or a New Positive Force Helping to Drive the Economy . . . The untold story of Steve Schwarzman and Blackstone, the financier and his financial powerhouse that avoided the self-destructive tendencies of Wall Street. David Carey and John Morris show how Blackstone (and other private equity firms) transformed themselves from gamblers, hostile-takeover artists, and ‘barbarians at the gate’ into disciplined, risk-conscious investors. The financial establishment—banks and investment bankers such as Citigroup, Bear Stearns, Lehman, UBS, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley—were the cowboys, recklessly assuming risks, leveraging up to astronomical levels and driving the economy to the brink of disaster. Blackstone is now ready to break out once again since it is sitting on billions of dollars that can be invested at a time when the market is starved for capital. The story of a financial revolution—the greatest untold success story on Wall Street: Not only have Blackstone and a small coterie of competitors wrested control of corporations around the globe, but they have emerged as a major force on Wall Street, challenging the likes of Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley for dominance. Great human interest story: How Blackstone went from two guys and a secretary to being one of Wall Street’s most powerful institutions, far outgrowing its much older rival KKR; and how Steve Schwarzman, with a pay packet one year of $398 million and $684 million from the Blackstone IPO, came to epitomize the spectacular new financial fortunes amassed in the 2000s. Controversial: Analyzes the controversies surrounding Blackstone and whether it and other private equity firms suck the lifeblood out of companies to enrich themselves—or whether they are a force that helps make the companies they own stronger and thereby better competitors. The story by two insiders with access: Insightful and hard-hitting, filled with never-before-revealed details about the workings of a heretofore secretive company that was the personal fiefdom of Schwarzman and Peter Peterson. Forward-looking: How Blackstone and private equity will drive the economy and provide a model for how financing will work.

Identity is the New Money

Titre : Identity is the New Money
Auteur : David Birch
Éditeur : Do Sustainability
ISBN-13 : 9781907994364
Libération : 2014-04-24

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This book argues that identity and money are both changing profoundly. Because of technological change the two trends are converging so that all that we need for transacting will be our identities captured in the unique record of our online social contacts. Social networks and mobile phones are the key technologies. They will enable the building of an identity infrastructure that can enhance both privacy and security – there is no trade-off. The long-term consequences of these changes are impossible to predict, partly because how they take shape will depend on how companies take advantage of business opportunities to deliver transaction services. But one prediction made here is that cash will soon be redundant – and a good thing too. In its place we will see a proliferation of new digital currencies.