Facilitating Interdisciplinary Research

Titre : Facilitating Interdisciplinary Research
Auteur : National Academy of Engineering
Éditeur : National Academies Press
ISBN-13 : 0309165482
Libération : 2005-04-04

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Facilitating Interdisciplinary Research examines current interdisciplinary research efforts and recommends ways to stimulate and support such research. Advances in science and engineering increasingly require the collaboration of scholars from various fields. This shift is driven by the need to address complex problems that cut across traditional disciplines, and the capacity of new technologies to both transform existing disciplines and generate new ones. At the same time, however, interdisciplinary research can be impeded by policies on hiring, promotion, tenure, proposal review, and resource allocation that favor traditional disciplines. This report identifies steps that researchers, teachers, students, institutions, funding organizations, and disciplinary societies can take to more effectively conduct, facilitate, and evaluate interdisciplinary research programs and projects. Throughout the report key concepts are illustrated with case studies and results of the committee’s surveys of individual researchers and university provosts.


Titre : Entremets
Auteur : Jean Michel Perruchon
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 291822300X
Libération : 2009-01-01

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Recipes for entremets (multi-layered mousse cakes), small individual cakes, and pastries served in glasses. Text in French and English.

2016 International Valuation Handbook

Titre : 2016 International Valuation Handbook
Auteur : Roger J. Grabowski
Éditeur : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN-13 : 9781119133049
Libération : 2016-06-22

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The New Standard Source of International Cost of Capital Analysis The 2016 International Valuation Handbook - Guide to Cost of Capital provides data and methodology guidance that will enable the reader to assess risk and develop cost of capital estimates on a global scale, coupled with data exhibits that provide country-level country risk premia (CRPs), Relative Volatility (RV) factors, and equity risk premia (ERPs). The data exhibits can be used to estimate country-level cost of equity capital globally, for up to 188 countries, from the perspective of investors based in up to 55 different countries.* For more information about Duff & Phelps valuation data resources published by Wiley, please visit www.wiley.com/go/valuationhandbooks. Also Available 2016 International Valuation Handbook - Industry Cost of Capital 2016 Valuation Handbook - Guide to Cost of Capital 2016 Valuation Handbook - Industry Cost of Capital Key Features Country-level Country Risk Premia (CRPs) for up to 188 countries: The 2016 International Valuation Handbook - Guide to Cost of Capital provides country-level country risk premia for up to 188 countries globally, from the perspective of investors based in up to 55 different countries. CRPs are estimated using the following models: (i) Country Credit Rating Model and (ii) Country Yield Spread Model. Relative Volatility (RV) factors for up to 69 countries: The 2016 International Valuation Handbook - Guide to Cost of Capital provides country-level relative volatility factors for up to 69 countries from the perspective of investors in the U.S. and Germany. Relative volatility factors are estimated using the Relative Standard Deviation Model. Equity Risk Premia (ERPs) for 18 countries based in USD and "local" currency: The 2016 International Valuation Handbook - Guide to Cost of Capital provides long-horizon and short-horizon ERP data in USD and "local" currencies. Additional ERP resourcse include Pablo Fernandez' survey of ERPs for a variety of countries. *Dependent on the estimation model being employed and data availability. Some models do not include estimates for all countries.

The Mushroom Cultivator

Titre : The Mushroom Cultivator
Auteur : Paul Stamets
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 0961079800
Libération : 1983

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... The best source of information on growing mushrooms at home (back cover.).

The Third Industrial Revolution

Titre : The Third Industrial Revolution
Auteur : Jeremy Rifkin
Éditeur : St. Martin's Press
ISBN-13 : 9780230340589
Libération : 2011-10-04

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The Industrial Revolution, powered by oil and other fossil fuels, is spiraling into a dangerous endgame. The price of gas and food are climbing, unemployment remains high, the housing market has tanked, consumer and government debt is soaring, and the recovery is slowing. Facing the prospect of a second collapse of the global economy, humanity is desperate for a sustainable economic game plan to take us into the future. Here, Jeremy Rifkin explores how Internet technology and renewable energy are merging to create a powerful "Third Industrial Revolution." He asks us to imagine hundreds of millions of people producing their own green energy in their homes, offices, and factories, and sharing it with each other in an "energy internet," just like we now create and share information online. Rifkin describes how the five-pillars of the Third Industrial Revolution will create thousands of businesses, millions of jobs, and usher in a fundamental reordering of human relationships, from hierarchical to lateral power, that will impact the way we conduct commerce, govern society, educate our children, and engage in civic life. Rifkin's vision is already gaining traction in the international community. The European Union Parliament has issued a formal declaration calling for its implementation, and other nations in Asia, Africa, and the Americas, are quickly preparing their own initiatives for transitioning into the new economic paradigm. The Third Industrial Revolution is an insider's account of the next great economic era, including a look into the personalities and players — heads of state, global CEOs, social entrepreneurs, and NGOs — who are pioneering its implementation around the world.

A Fishery Manager s Guidebook

Titre : A Fishery Manager s Guidebook
Auteur : Kevern L. Cochrane
Éditeur : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN-13 : 9781405170857
Libération : 2009-06-22

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Building on the first edition of this book (published by FAO in 2002) A Fishery Managers' Guidebook identifies the primary tasks in the management of capture fisheries, with particular emphasis on sustainable utilization of biological resources and demonstrates how these tasks should be undertaken in an integrated and coordinated manner to obtain the desired benefits from the available biological resources in a sustainable and responsible manner.

The CV Book

Titre : The CV Book
Auteur : James Innes
Éditeur : Pearson Education
ISBN-13 : 0273721747
Libération : 2009

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The CV Bookis the definitive book on CV writing. it provides help, advice and templates from The CV Centre, the UK’s leading CV consultancy, based on many years’ experience and encompassing principles tried, tested and proven on a daily basis. Focussed on market needs - evidence-based and developed entirely from customer information. USP - 15 most common mistakes. Sales channel through author's own company and publicity. Added value - templated and website material.

lectronique en pratique

Titre : lectronique en pratique
Auteur : Charles Platt
Éditeur : Editions Eyrolles
ISBN-13 : 9782212135077
Libération : 2013

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Vous souhaitez vous mettre à l'électronique, mais à condition de pratiquer tout de suite ? Vous voulez en connaître les grands fondements, mais sans risquer l'overdose de théorie ? Avec ce livre d'introduction, vous commencerez à monter des circuits simples dès la première page. Par le biais de 36 expériences, toutes plus amusantes les unes que les autres, vous découvrirez les principaux composants et les concepts essentiels de l'électronique. Vous serez guidé pas à pas dans la réalisation de montages de plus en plus complexes, allant d'un commutateur basique aux circuits intégrés, d'une LED qui clignote aux microcontrôleurs programmables. Ludique, inventif, foisonnant d'illustrations (plus de 500 photos, schémas et dessins), écrit dans un langage vivant et accessible, cet ouvrage remarquable met l'électronique à la portée de tous. A qui s'adresse ce livre ? Aux électroniciens en herbe, amateurs, bricoleurs, bidouilleurs, geeks, étudiants, musiciens... A tous les makers qui souhaitent découvrir l'électronique par la pratique. Dans ce livre, vous apprendrez à : vous aménager un bel espace de travail, équipé de tous les outils nécessaires ; identifier les principaux composants électroniques et leurs fonctions dans un circuit ; fabriquer une alarme anti-intrusion, une radio, un bijou électronique, un testeur de réflexe et un verrou à combinaison ; construire un petit véhicule qui réagit à son environnement et évite les obstacles.

Ulrich s International Periodicals Directory

Titre : Ulrich s International Periodicals Directory
Auteur : Carolyn F. Ulrich
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : STANFORD:36105073452836
Libération : 2001

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Contains essential bibliographic and access information on serials published throughout the world.


Titre : Polybiblion
Auteur :
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : UCAL:B3305335
Libération : 1893

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A été écrit sous une forme ou une autre pendant la plus grande partie de sa vie. Vous pouvez trouver autant d'inspiration de Polybiblion Aussi informatif et amusant. Cliquez sur le bouton TÉLÉCHARGER ou Lire en ligne pour obtenir gratuitement le livre de titre $ gratuitement.