Climate Change Liability and Beyond

Titre : Climate Change Liability and Beyond
Auteur :
Éditeur : 國立臺灣大學出版中心
ISBN-13 : 9789863502111
Libération : 2017-01-18

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Climate change and its adverse impacts on nature and human society are clearly felt. Who should bear the responsibility? Should anyone be held liable for grave losses and damages related to climate change? In what way and to what extent can these issues be addressed in legal mechanisms both globally and locally? Will an international liability regime an ultimate solution? Are courts ready for and capable of resolving these disputes that find intricacy of law, policy and science? To shed light on these issues, this book is structured with four main themes on the discussions of climate change liability and related mechanisms. They are: 1) state liability and responsibility, 2) climate change litigation, 3) climate change liability and alternatives, and 4) dispute resolution and remedies. Reflections on the concepts of liability/responsibly/accountability have provided for nuanced understandings of their functional dynamics in climate change governance. Our findings also suggest that International and domestic courts have become a vital player in attribution or distribution of climate change liability. In addition to formalistic rights discourse and rigid liability regime, a few alternatives such as carbon market, insurance, mediation or soft law are also finding their ways to ensuring sustainability of climate change governance.

The Art and Craft of International Environmental Law

Titre : The Art and Craft of International Environmental Law
Auteur : Daniel Bodansky
Éditeur : Harvard University Press
ISBN-13 : 9780674053588
Libération : 2010-03-15

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International environmental law is often closer to home than we know, affecting the food we eat, the products we buy, and even the air we breathe. Drawing on more than two decades of experience as a government negotiator, consultant, and academic, Daniel Bodansky brings a real-world perspective on the processes by which international environmental law develops, and influences the behavior of state and non-state actors.

Harnessing Foreign Investment to Promote Environmental Protection

Titre : Harnessing Foreign Investment to Promote Environmental Protection
Auteur : Pierre-Marie Dupuy
Éditeur : Cambridge University Press
ISBN-13 : 9781107030770
Libération : 2013-03-14

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This volume provides cutting-edge interdisciplinary analysis of the synergies between foreign investment and environmental protection by leading scholars and practitioners.

Human Rights and the Environment

Titre : Human Rights and the Environment
Auteur : Maguelonne Dejeant-Pons
Éditeur : Council of Europe
ISBN-13 : 9789287147776
Libération : 2002

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This book brings together, for the first time, international texts relating to individual and collective rights to environmental protection standards, for the benefit of present and future generations. These rights include access to information, public participation in decision-making, and access to justice in environmental matters. This publication will be of interest to human rights specialists, environmentalists and all those wishing to exercise environmental rights.

Discourse Theory in European Politics

Titre : Discourse Theory in European Politics
Auteur : D. Howarth
Éditeur : Springer
ISBN-13 : 9780230523364
Libération : 2004-11-30

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This volume of essays employs discourse theory to analyze mainstream topics in contemporary European politics. Inspired by developments in post-structuralist, psychoanalytic and post-Marxist theory, each contributor problematizes a central issue in European governance, including European security, Third Way politics, constitutional and administrative reform, new forms of nationalism and populism, the shift from welfare to workfare, environmental politics and local government. Alongside these substantive issues, the book tackles questions raised by the difficulties of applying discourse theory to empirical cases.

The Rights Revolution

Titre : The Rights Revolution
Auteur : Charles R. Epp
Éditeur : University of Chicago Press
ISBN-13 : 0226211622
Libération : 1998-10-15

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It is well known that the scope of individual rights has expanded dramatically in the United States over the last half-century. Less well known is that other countries have experienced "rights revolutions" as well. Charles R. Epp argues that, far from being the fruit of an activist judiciary, the ascendancy of civil rights and liberties has rested on the democratization of access to the courts—the influence of advocacy groups, the establishment of governmental enforcement agencies, the growth of financial and legal resources for ordinary citizens, and the strategic planning of grass roots organizations. In other words, the shift in the rights of individuals is best understood as a "bottom up," rather than a "top down," phenomenon. The Rights Revolution is the first comprehensive and comparative analysis of the growth of civil rights, examining the high courts of the United States, Britain, Canada, and India within their specific constitutional and cultural contexts. It brilliantly revises our understanding of the relationship between courts and social change.

Street science

Titre : Street science
Auteur : Jason Corburn
Éditeur : The MIT Press
ISBN-13 : UOM:39015062897817
Libération : 2005-08-01

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An analysis of how local knowledge, based on the first-hand experience of community members, can strengthen science in environmental health decision making; with four case studies from a Brooklyn neighborhood.

Dirty Entanglements

Titre : Dirty Entanglements
Auteur : Louise I. Shelley
Éditeur : Cambridge University Press
ISBN-13 : 9781107015647
Libération : 2014-07-28

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Using lively case studies, this book analyzes the transformation of crime and terrorism and the business logic of terrorism.

The Grass Is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank

Titre : The Grass Is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank
Auteur : Erma Bombeck
Éditeur : Open Road Media
ISBN-13 : 9781453290064
Libération : 2013-01-15

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The “marvelously funny” and much-loved humorist explores the perils of suburban living in this New York Times bestseller (Vogue). For years, the Bombecks have heard rumors of a magical land called Suburbia where the air is clean, the grass is trimmed, and children don’t risk getting mugged on their walk to school. After watching their friends flee the city for subdivided utopias like Bonaparte’s Retreat and Mortgage Mañana, Erma and her family load up their belongings and cry, “Station wagons . . . ho!” But life on the suburban frontier is not as perfect as they had hoped. The trees are stunted, the house is cramped, and there’s no grass at all. But the Bombecks will make do, for they are suburbanites now—the last true pioneers! This ebook features an illustrated biography of Erma Bombeck including rare images and never-before-seen documents from the author’s estate.

Emerging Risks in the 21st Century An Agenda for Action

Titre : Emerging Risks in the 21st Century An Agenda for Action
Auteur : OECD
Éditeur : OECD Publishing
ISBN-13 : 9264101225
Libération : 2003-04-24

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This book explores the implications of newly developing risks such as hugely damaging hurricanes, new diseases, terrorist attacks, and disruptions to critical infrastructures.